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3 Great Methods to Fix Avp_io.vxd Error in your Windows.

by John | Category Error Repair | Sept 08th, 2016


Are you getting Avp_io.vxd file error on your windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista or Server PC? Avp_io.vxd is a system protected file and responsible to run Windows OS smoothly. If due to any reason this file gets damaged or crashed your windows will start malfunctioning and you will get several critical windows error as well as experience BSOD error which is generally a death of operating system.

The Avp_io.vxd file gets damaged or corrupted due to one of the following reasons:

  • You installed a game or driver in your PC and suddenly encounter Avp_io.vxd file error.
  • After removing antivirus or any other software.
  • Viruses are the top most reason behind this error.
  • You added hardware in your PC and just after installing their driver you start getting Avp_io.vxd file errors.

So, the question is how to fix Avp_io.vxd files error?

There are two types of method to fix this error. If you don’t have deep PC Knowledge and want tool to fix it automatically then you can opt for ReImage PC Repair Tool. You just need to download and install this utility in your system and open it for scanning. It will automatically fix all system files errors and protect your PC for future errors.

Don't want to fix yourself? Download Avp_io.vxd fixer tool.

Don't want to fix this error manually or are you tired to fixing it yourself?
Don't you have to time to repair this error?

Don't worry. There is also an automated tool that will make this fixing process easy and automatic. Download below ReImage PC Repair Tool, Install it and it will do all the job automatically. It will automatically search for corrupted, damaged or missing dll files and repair them. After that it register Avp_io.vxd dll files with your windows and allow you to working smoothly on your PC without having any trouble.

Here, is the technique to fix this issue easily.

Note: You must not download any dll files from any site directly because there is huge risk to download spyware in the package of Avp_io.vxd dll files. Always double check official vendor site to download any dll files.

Fix Avp_io.vxd File Error using SFC Tool

SFC stands for System File Scan which is inbuilt in Windows OS. Here is the steps to use this tool.

  1. Open your OS in SAFE Mode. Just after pressing power button, keep pressing F8. It will show you advanced menu. Choose Safe Mode and Hit Enter.

  2. Now open command prompt as administrator and type following commands and hit enter.

  3. sfc /scannow
  4. It will start sfc command and you will see scanning process in command prompt. Don’t close command prompt meanwhile the process is running. Once the scanning completed you will get one of the following messages on command prompts.

  5. You will get one of the following messages when scanning gets finished.
    1. Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
      It means SFC.exe doesn’t find any problems. However, sfc.exe fails most of the time couldn’t find problems. Use ReImage PC Repair if sfc.exe fails to detect problems.
    2. Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.
      This means you need to reboot your PC in safe mode then run SFC.exe tool in commands prompts.
    3. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.
      It means SFC.exe found missing or damaged Avp_io.vxd files and fixed them.
    4. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.
      As the message states it was unable to fix problem you use ReImage PC Repair Tool to fix your problems.

Fix Avp_io.vxd File Error using DISM Commands.

DISM command works with Windows 10/8 and 8.1. It is Deployment Image & Servicing Management Tool that fix component store corruption easily when sfc.exe fails. To use this tool you must have internet connection working on your PC.

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrator and Run the following commands. Better to switch to Safe Mode OS before running this command.

  2. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

  3. Wait until process gets completed. Don’t interrupt meanwhile the process going on. It will take 5 to 20 minutes so keep patience and have a cup of coffee.

  4. After completing the process restart your PC in SAFE MODE and again run SFC.exe tool.

System Restore

The best way to fix this error using System Restore. If you have created System Restore Point Earlier then you need not to get worried even for a second. Just Restore your windows in previous session and make restart. You will never get Avp_io.vxd file error again.

Recommended: You must install ReImage to fix this error right now.

Features of ReImage PC Repair

  1. Repair and Rebuild Windows
  2. Virus Removal
  3. Repair damages made by viruses
  4. fix dll, sys, exe, inf, runtime, update and driver error
  5. Optimize Registry Files
  6. Have large database of new and updated replacement files
  7. Stop PC from Crashing and Freezing
  8. Peek Proof – Completely Private
  9. Convenient Repair at any time
  10. Restore and Replace DLL Files

Error Details

Error Category : Critical
Fix Yourself : Complex
Tools Available : Yes
Affected OS : Windows OS



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Posted by Christopher Haines
Saturday, 6 August 2016 16:52

I have used it and found it good.
1. Easy to use
2. Deep Clean PC
3. Fix System Errors along with Avp_io.vxd dll errors
1. Bit Costly
2. Free Version does basic operations only

Posted by Tom Whitnah
Monday, 26 July 2016 10:37

Works Perfectly

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Il est préférable

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Not worked, I have returned my money back. But Thanks for easy return I give you 4 star.

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free version works well.

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I don't need it

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Great Post

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My PC is ultimate slow, will this tool help me?

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Good UI, super performance, scan fast, Removes Viruses and much more tool. Don't think too much and use it.

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Do you have any coupon?

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Best One. Recommend It to everyone.

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